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A self-perpetuating Board of Directors governs the corporation. The Board includes the current Chief of the Medical Staff, the immediate past Chief of the Medical Staff, the Chief Executive Officer of the corporation and members selected by the Board from the community at large. Criteria for election, as specified in the corporation’s charter, include an interest in health care, business acumen and evidence of good ethical background. The Board of Directors is also required by the corporation’s charter to reflect the economic, racial and ethnic diversity of the service area.

The medical staff representatives serve for one year as Chief of the Medical Staff and one year as the immediate past Chief of the Medical Staff. The elected Board members serve staggered three-year terms and may succeed themselves for two additional three-year terms.

Board of Directors

Tom Lynch


Fannie Green

Vice Chairwoman

Drewery Beale


Natarajan Rajan, MD


Bob Patterson

Past Chairman

Joey Thomas, MD

Chief of Staff

William Mahone, V


Sandeep Tiwari, MD

Past Chief of Staff

Vernon Bryant

Board Member

Johnny Draper

Board Member

William Hodge

Board Member

Evelyn Dawson

Board Member

J. Hugh Bazemore

Board Member

James Pierce

Board Member

Rev. Randy Martin

Board Member

Senior Management

William Mahone, V


Karen Daniels

Vice President of Nursing

Sherry Jensen

Vice President of Finance & Clinic Operations

Bruce L. Robistow

Vice President, Clinical & Support Services