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Letter from the President

By Will Mahone


TODAY, THE ROLE OF NURSES IS EXPANDING. Nurses are providing clinical and leadership services in areas beyond their traditional roles in clinics, schools and hospitals. They often carry key communications between healthcare providers and patients and families. Nurses must interpret what patients mean, no matter what is said. They often have an ability to size up family situations to understand who is a caregiver, who is making decisions for a patient, and who is missing and needs to be included. While there are many different clinical technologists and technicians in a hospital, a patient’s family searches for the one outstanding nurse who will care for their loved one.

There is an exponential need for more nurses in the United States today. At a time when baby boomers require the most care, many nurses are baby boomers themselves and looking to retire. Fortunately, community colleges are offering new nursing programs. Growing numbers of students are recognizing the status and fulfillment of the profession of nursing, as it remains one of the most trusted positions in the world.

In ongoing efforts to support and recognize nurses, Halifax Regional recently recognized its first honoree with the DAISY Award For Extraordinary Nurses. This international award is part of the DAISY Foundation’s program to recognize the superhuman efforts of nurses. Halifax Regional honors and respects the profession of nursing. We can all encourage new nurses to work with us in our community and region. Please join us and look for the opportunity to thank a nurse for their care and compassion.

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