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Tips for a


The winter can be harsh on our bodies and minds. Here are some ways to lessen the season’s bite.


Cold, wind and reduced humidity indoors often combine to create dry, flaky skin and make existing skin conditions worse. Research shows that regular use of a moisturizer that contains the ingredients ceramides and aquaporins is best for combating these effects.

If you’re dealing with wound healing this winter, stay warm and active. A combination of indoor exercise, properly maintained wound dressings and dressing for the cold when you must go out can help the wound healing process.


Winter blues often show up after the holidays. Seasonal affective disorder (SAD), a depression related to the changing seasons, affects 1–10 percent of people. Three of the best ways to keep the blues at bay are exercising, spending more time with people you enjoy and doing something helpful for someone else. To help accomplish these objectives, exercise with a friend. You’ll both benefit from the activity, and the companionship can give you the encouragement you need to stick with the workouts.


Venturing out this time of year can increase your risk for accidents, so take a few simple precautions. For one, choose shoes that offer added traction in slippery conditions. Also, toss kitty litter on slippery surfaces, such as your driveway or sidewalks. Finally, low nighttime temperatures can mean icy spots on roads, sidewalks and parking lots. Be sure to slow down when walking and driving. Taking it easy gives you more time to see what lies ahead and respond in time.

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