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Patients choose and personally recommend the Joint Care Center because they find that the services we provide (including knee, hip and shoulder replacement) offer incredible benefits that enable them to heal and recover quickly.

Knee Replacement

Knee replacement surgery involves replacing the damaged cartilage. The knee itself is not actually replaced, just the damaged cartilage and bone ends. Knee replacement implants include a metal alloy on the end of the thighbone and a polyethylene plastic on the top of the tibia and underneath the kneecap. The implant is designed to create a new smoothly functioning joint that can prevent painful bone-on-bone contact. Your surgeon may decide to replace all or part of your knee, depending on your condition and whether arthritis affects the joint.

Hip Replacement

Hip replacement surgery removes the arthritic ball of the upper femur (thighbone) as well as the damaged cartilage from the hip socket. The damaged bone and cartliage are replaced with implants made from materials including metal alloy, polyethylene (plastic), or ceramic. The implants are designed to create a new, smoothly functioning joint that prevents painful bone-on-bone contact.

Shoulder Replacement

While the wrist, elbow and shoulder are among the least likely joints to develop conditions requiring joint replacement, there are implants that can reduce or eliminate pain and restore motion. The word “replacement” makes you think that surgeons remove the entire joint. In truth, surgeons resurface the damaged bone and cartilage at the ends of the bones in the joint.

Biomet Replacement Products

We use only joint replacement products from Biomet, a worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of products for hip replacement, knee replacement, shoulder replacement and other small joints. Learn more information about Biomet products.

Immediately following surgery, patients are encouraged to walk as much as possible to regain strength and flexibility. The record for the most walking during the hospital stay was 18,500 feet. But I totaled 22,100 feet in three days. You can bet that if I ever needed another knee or hip replacement, I’d come back to the Joint Care Center.
—Paul Smigiel, Henrico

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